A 4 Point Packing Checklist When Going on a Solo Adventure

Posted on: September 26th, 2017 by Northhills Transportation No Comments


In a lot of ways, packing for a solo trip is quite similar to packing for a trip with a company. However, on a solo trip, there are certain concerns/items that become more pressing because there is no one to watch your back and guarantee your wellbeing, and there is no one to pick up the slack when you forget things.

For these reasons, our Raleigh car service has come up with a short list of items we have found to be absolutely essential during a solo trip. Note that this list is expandable and you are free to add any items you feel would be necessary on a solo adventure.


Customized First-Aid Kit

We say customized because people tend to have unique medical demands, so only you know what you are most likely to need. For example, one person may need eye allergy drops; another person may need nausea medication and multivitamins, and another may need antihistamines. So, be sure to carry a kit with any medication you feel you might need on your adventure.

However, beyond our individual needs, there are certain items that ought to be universal to every first aid kit. These are items such as bandages, safety pins, disposable sterile gloves, different sized gauze dressings, among other general first aid items.


Portable USB Charger

In today’s increasingly technological world everyone has a portable device that needs charging. In most cases, these portable devices act as our telephones, mailboxes, maps, emergency beacons, etc. which makes it absolutely imperative that they stay charged at all times.

There are many inconveniences that may come with failing to charge your portable devices. For example, you could get lost or stranded in a foreign place because you can’t access the map on your device. Or you could miss a flight because you didn’t receive a message informing you of changes in the flight plan.

The good news is, such inconveniences can be avoided through the acquisition of a simple portable charger. Portable chargers are life-savers! The best ones allow you to charge multiple devices at a go and maintain power for extended periods of time. Make your solo adventure hassle-free by investing in one today.


Backup Documents

To avoid getting stranded in the off-chance that you lose your luggage, make copies of important travel documents such as your I.D, passport, air ticket, etc. Leave a copy of these documents with a trusted friend or family member back at home; carry one copy with you separate from the original documents, and save the final copy electronically in your email. This way, even if you lose all your possessions, there are multiple ways of accessing vital documents that will facilitate your return home.


Whistle/Personal Alarm

Your solo adventure will most likely go without incident, but it’s always wise to be precautious, don’t you think?

People are mostly friendly and kind even in foreign lands, but there are a few predators out there that are always waiting for an opportunity to take advantage of others. So, for safety purposes, carry with you a whistle or a portable alarm that you can conceal in your pocket, bag, or purse.

When you set your alarm off or blow your whistle during an emergency, it will quickly scare away anyone who confronted you with ill intentions.