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A 4 Point Packing Checklist When Going on a Solo Adventure

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In a lot of ways, packing for a solo trip is quite similar to packing for a trip with a company. However, on a solo trip, there are certain concerns/items that become more pressing because there is no one to watch your back and guarantee your wellbeing, and there is no one to pick up […]


4 Business Travel Tips to Help You Stay Productive

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Traveling for business can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it also takes you away from your regular office and your normal routine. This can sometimes challenge your ability to remain productive. However, there are several travel tips that can help you stay on schedule and get your work done despite the new environment […]


Best Fall Activities in and Around Raleigh

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fall activities

Fun Fall Events in and Around Raleigh Fall in North Carolina’s Triangle – made up of the cities of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill – means many things: there are pumpkins galore, corn mazes to explore and plenty of hot apple cider to sip. Check out the list below to find the perfect event for […]


Jet Lag: What It Is and How to Beat It

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jet lag

What is jet lag? Well, the scientific term for jet lag is desynchronosis; it’s a temporary disorder that causes nausea and fatigue after long flights. Anyone who has flown through multiple time zones has experienced the confusion that the internal body clock goes through. Your body’s clock doesn’t reset so easily, and after jumping through […]