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Top Things to Do in Raleigh on Labor Day

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labor day

Most people celebrate Labor Day as the end of summer. This symbolic close of the favorite season of the year is marked with barbecues, picnics, fireworks displays, concerts, parades, and other events. In Raleigh, Labor Day is a chance to have one final fiesta before school and work resume. The following are a few great […]


4 Great Reasons to Visit Raleigh with Friends

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You haven’t experienced the south until you have visited the ‘City of Oaks’, Capital of North Carolina; Raleigh. Raleigh is a cultural hub, an art and technology intersection, and a place of impeccable taste in music, food, and drink. A visit to Raleigh can hardly be brushed off as just another visit to a Southern […]


4 Good Reasons Why You Should Arrive at the Airport Early

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When it comes to air travel, do you arrive at the airport two hours in advance or do you usually stroll in at the last minute? Arriving earlier can be frustrating and boring when there are delays or even worse, flight cancellations. But our opinion on this subject has always been – better early than […]


How to Combine a Business Trip with a Vacation

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business trip

There is nothing worse than getting sent to a beautiful destination or exciting new city for work and then having to immediately leave again without getting to really experience it. This is why more and more business travelers are choosing to combine their business trips with a vacation. By doing so, you can ensure that […]


Latest Trends in Corporate Event Transportation [2017]

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Consumer behavior in the corporate travel market is always changing. Businesses and other corporate agencies are becoming more keen and selective on the type of transportation package offered by a particular premium limo hire company. New trends have shaped the way we serve our clients, and in 2017, we have revamped our car fleet and […]