How to Combine a Business Trip with a Vacation

Posted on: August 8th, 2017 by Northhills Transportation No Comments

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There is nothing worse than getting sent to a beautiful destination or exciting new city for work and then having to immediately leave again without getting to really experience it. This is why more and more business travelers are choosing to combine their business trips with a vacation. By doing so, you can ensure that you can spend a few days relaxing and enjoying yourself before or after your meetings or conference. Furthermore, it can dramatically cut down on the cost of your vacation, which is why every business traveler needs to know these simple tips for combining a vacation with your work travel.


Use Those Pre-Paid Tickets to Your Advantage

One of the biggest benefits of adding a vacation onto the end of your work trip is that your employer is obviously covering the cost of your flights. Even if you still need to purchase tickets for your spouse or family to join you, you’ll still be saving on the cost of your own ticket. This makes combining a work trip with vacation an especially enticing proposition as it allows you to enjoy all of the amenities of a fantastic holiday destination without having to pay to get there. Of course, you’ll need to clearly communicate your intent before your company books the flights in order to ensure that you get a ticket to come back a few days later.


Speak with Your Employer

The majority of employers will be willing to let their employees take a vacation at the end of their work trip provided that they have enough free vacation days and the trip doesn’t interfere with any important events in your work schedule. Nonetheless, it is essential that you speak to your boss or HR manager immediately in order to work out any logistical issues. There is nothing wrong with wanting to take a vacation, and you definitely shouldn’t be afraid of asking to take that vacation after your work trip. As long as it doesn’t cost the company any extra money, there is a decent chance your employer will say yes.


Consider Staying in the Same Hotel Room

You’ll obviously need to cover all of your own expenses as soon as the official work trip ends, which means you’ll need to make sure to make your own hotel reservations. That being said, it is always a good idea to call up the hotel where you’re staying during the business trip and discuss your options for keeping your room for a few days longer. It is likely that your company got a discounted rate on the room, and many hotels will be willing continue to charge you this discounted rate for any extra nights you stay. Although not all hotels will be willing to give you a discount, it is well worth checking into as it could save you even more money on your trip.


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