4 Great Reasons to Visit Raleigh with Friends

Posted on: August 22nd, 2017 by Northhills Transportation No Comments


You haven’t experienced the south until you have visited the ‘City of Oaks’, Capital of North Carolina; Raleigh. Raleigh is a cultural hub, an art and technology intersection, and a place of impeccable taste in music, food, and drink.

A visit to Raleigh can hardly be brushed off as just another visit to a Southern metropolis. In fact, it can hardly be called a ‘visit’; it’s an experience; a warm, uplifting, homegrown experience unique to the city.

They say that experiences are best when shared, so tag your friends along and consider using our Raleigh car service. We particularly recommend the group transportation service that is, as the name suggests, perfect for a large group. Ride in style and comfort as you enjoy all that the South has to offer.

Here are a few great reasons why you and your friends would absolutely love Raleigh.

The Awesome Craft Beer Scene

Raleigh has been pointed out to be one of the fastest-growing cites in the US when it comes to craft beer. In Raleigh, craft beer breweries are concentrated in downtown, resulting in a magnificent craft beer district.

If you want to truly experience the craft beer scene, however, schedule your visit for April, which is Raleigh’s official craft beer month. It’s the ideal time for you and your friends to try signature brews from at least 16 breweries. In this time of the year you will also find beer-themed events that attract local bands and an assortment of food trucks. Sounds like the perfect place to be on vacation.

The Cultural Diversity

There is a beautiful collage of cultures in Raleigh and each one finds a way to celebrate its heritage.

For example, African Americans kick off their annual cultural celebrations at the North Carolina Museum every February. Throughout this month, dozens of musicians, historians, storytellers, dancers, and authors gather to celebrate black history in Raleigh through music, art, dance, and food. If you and your friends have a particular interest in the African American culture, February is the perfect time to visit the City.

Also, a large population of Raleigh residents is of Irish descent, which makes St. Patrick’s day a huge cultural event for the city. The event is not as big as St. Patrick’s Day in New York but it’s no less equipped to give you and your friends a proper Irish experience. An organized march begins every March 17th at the City Plaza and a steady sea of green gradually envelopes the city. St. Patrick’s Day in Raleigh features live band music, dancing, food trucks, and loads of fun activities for the kids.

There are other cultural demographics in the city although their numbers are low. This makes it a little harder for their cultures to be so widely celebrated. All the same, they are part of a proud Raleigh community. These include Asians, Hispanics, Native Americans, Native Hawaiians, and other Pacific Islanders.

The Art Tradition

The City has what it calls the ‘First Friday Showcase’. On the first Friday of each month, Raleigh galleries, studios, and museums stay open late for everyone’s enjoyment. On these Fridays, galleries highlight the works of new artists that you can purchase for your own purposes. This is a great way to fully experience Raleigh’s artistic talent with your companions and to discover beautiful and inexpensive art pieces for your collection.

Locally Grown Food

Raleigh also has a fair share of restaurants that will give you and your friends a literal taste of North Carolina. A restaurant such as Sullivan’s Steak House may be small and cozy but it’s big on recommendations. This, and many other restaurants, like the Angus Barn and Piedmont, have been said to use local farm-grown ingredients, which results in a seasonal menu. This means that there’s always something new to try when you come to Raleigh. It never gets old.