Latest Trends in Corporate Event Transportation [2017]

Posted on: August 1st, 2017 by Northhills Transportation No Comments


Consumer behavior in the corporate travel market is always changing. Businesses and other corporate agencies are becoming more keen and selective on the type of transportation package offered by a particular premium limo hire company. New trends have shaped the way we serve our clients, and in 2017, we have revamped our car fleet and our RDU Airport transportation services to maintain our quality services.

The political waters are always changing, and unlike the 21st century, we are dealing with tech- savvy clientele. To a great extent, your reputation is hinged on the transportation company. Therefore, they have an awareness of their needs and wants when the matter narrows down to a travel partner.

Below is a list of the latest emerging trends in 2017 that have drastically changed the business models and operations in the corporate travel industry.

Steady Air Transportation Costs

Travel Leader Group recently reported that prices are bound to remain constant in air transportation and the car rental sector. With such an excess supply of resources, efforts by airlines to raise transport costs will likely be less forthcoming. Nonetheless, stagnant air transportation costs brew an element of uncertainty of the world economy amid the exponential increase in the popularity of sharing commercial services. Unless energy costs remain on the low, demand will continue to be high, and corporate travel brands stand to profit.

Application of New Technological Systems

Technology is advancing at an astonishing pace, and year in year out, we have seen new technological devices. These changes are being experienced at every business level of the executive transportation industry. The economic status quo has swayed travel industry players to
adopt the following trends:

1. Online reservation systems: Isn't online booking convenient? I bet your answer is "Definitely!". Companies have invested in a digital database that allows them to manage reservations, financial transactions, and an information system.

2. Smartphones and apps: Business executives need to be informed and keep up with the timely occurrences affecting their businesses. We have invested in smart phones and digital apps to ensure that you don't miss any critical information of interest to you.

3. Portable technology: Smart Phones are becoming popular. Besides that, RFID tags is another effective way to aid the client track the location of their items or belongings.

New Limo Models

It is only recently that corporate travel companies decided to halt the utility of old-fashion models of their salon or sedan fleets. Limousines are no longer the typical Town Car but have been replaced by stretch Hummers and SUVs and, seeing how our Raleigh limo service is client-inspired, the cars are procured based on client feedback. Entrepreneurs and businesspeople in Raleigh can bet to be transported in a lavish stretch limousine, for the best comfort that matches your status.

Responsibility of Care and Client Safety

Transportation harbors a level of risk, especially with international business travel. In recent years, we have seen disasters such as the plane crash that involved Germanwings Airline in the French Alps. Such incidents have persuaded travel companies to focus on risk management tools, and from their utility mitigates risks unique to road or air transport.

At North Hills Transportation, we take pride in our highly rated portfolio of quality corporate travel services. We have invested in an impressive fleet of cars and custom models to ensure that our clients receive the ultimate executive travel experience. Further, the company plays host to trained and experienced chauffeurs whose impressive reputation precedes them. For your future corporate event transportation, consider booking a reservation with us, and you will certainly be impressed.