Top Restaurants to Visit in Raleigh

Posted on: November 7th, 2017 by Northhills Transportation No Comments


Raleigh is not just a great place to grab a delicious southern meal; its large population guarantees that there will be diversity in the food scene, with various cultures being represented. But with so many options, which are the best restaurants to visit in the City of Oaks? Our Chauffeur Service in Raleigh has got you covered.


Bare Bones

Located in downtown Raleigh, Bare Bones restaurant specializes in craft burgers and smoked meats of your choosing. Bare Bones prides itself in using one hundred percent local ingredients, with everything being made in-house including sausages and sauces. We suggest that you ask about the day’s special before making a decision on your order. Regarding the atmosphere, you will find a shuffleboard, a billiards table, and much more in the dining area; this makes it a perfect spot to take the family or a big group of friends.


Fiction Kitchen

Whether you’re a vegetarian or not, this vegetarian restaurant offers delicious food that anyone can enjoy. The surprising thing is that there is ‘Crispy Fried Chicken’ on the menu. But how is that possible if they’re vegetarian? The chef marinates ‘mock chicken’ in a unique combination of herbs before frying it and serving it with waffles. Quite creative, right? Well, dessert at this restaurant is equally scrumptious and creative. Now can you see where the name ‘Fiction Kitchen’ comes from?


The Angus Barn

This is pretty much a Raleigh icon; located close to the Raleigh-Durham Airport, this is the first stopover for most visitors, and you will be greeted with traditional Southern hospitality. Angus Barn was founded in 1960 in a real barn and has so far amassed over 200 awards. This restaurant mainly serves Southern-style succulent meats but also offers guests a broad list of world-class meal options. All this is then packaged in an elegant, homely environment.


42nd Street Oyster Bar

This is another Raleigh classic. The 42nd Street Oyster started off as a grocery store in 1927 but has since grown to become a widely popular oyster bar. In almost 100 years of operation, the restaurant boasts of having served over 80 million oysters, but that is not to say that this is all you can get there. The menu at the Oyster Bar evolves on a daily basis, reflecting the market prices and the availability of products and ingredients. If you’re a beer lover, you will also be pleased to find some of North Carolina’s best craft beers on the menu to go with your meal.