The Best Halloween Events for 2017 in Raleigh

Posted on: October 24th, 2017 by Northhills Transportation No Comments


Halloween is here, and even when you promised not to celebrate the next one, when it finally gets here it’s hard to say no. This is more so if you have children who have been looking forward to this month throughout the year. Halloween gradually becomes a bigger and bigger holiday with each passing year, and it is celebrated in increasingly unique and creative ways. For a truly comfortable experience this Halloween season, consider our Raleigh car service to easily get you to all the destinations of your choice. Here are some of the most interesting places in Raleigh that you and your family can pay a visit and enjoy some frightful fun.


Scarecrow Festival

Pullen Park is offering everyone a chance to build a scarecrow from scratch plus a whole lot of other fun activities. The material to provide the structural support and for stuffing will be provided. You can bring some lunch and get involved in other numerous family-friendly activities as well.


Clayton Fear Farm

This park has been open since 6th October, and it takes over 2 hours to cover this vast farm from beginning to end. Attractions include: Fear farm academy, Haunted Hayride, Slaughterhouse, The Blackhole, Walks in the dark, and the Haunted corn maze. Tickets cost $13 for each attraction, but you can opt to pay $27 for the all-inclusive ticket combo. There is free parking, and the farm is open on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and some Thursdays.


Corn Mazes

Different people love different activities during Halloween. This Fall, however, if you have never been to a corn maze before, then this is your chance. These fun-filled labyrinths will prove enjoyable to the whole family as you keep coming across scary zombies and ghosts at every corner. One of the most famous farms in Raleigh is Granville Haunt Farm. It provides a ton of activities for you and your family, including Zombie Paintball, a haunted trail, and a long maze that spans 9 acres. It is moderately scary, meaning children below 11 must have adult supervision.


The Haunted Forest

Enjoy 50-acres of this fright-filled forest that comes with a total of 6 main attractions. These include a haunted forest, howling hayride, a dark walk, a menacing maze, a ghost bus, and zombie shootout. The zombie shootout and the labyrinth maybe appropriate for young children. However, the rest are not as recommended since they could be too much for the little ones. You can enjoy all the attractions for $35 or choose to go separately where each of them varies in pricing.


Pumpkin Patches

In Raleigh, picking pumpkins during this time of the year is an old Halloween tradition that the locals enjoy. For most Raleigh farms, the pumpkin picking season is the liveliest time of year with everyone trying to find the perfect pumpkins to curve. Visit one of the numerous pumpkin patches across Raleigh with your family and friends and make some memories that will last forever.